Green Light For Trekking In The Annapurna Region


Three months after the last aftershocks from two disastrous earthquakes that hit Nepal, during which more than 9000 people died and several UNESCO heritage sites were severely damaged, Annapurna, one of Nepal’s most popular trekking regions, has officially been declared safe for travelers.

A government commissioned report, in which one of Nepal’s biggest trekking tour operators and earthquake as well as engineering experts cooperated, has given green light for trekking in the Annapurna region.

Almost 200 km trails and trekking routes have been inspected. According to the report, none of the bridges have been damaged and only 6 buildings in the area have suffered slight, easily repairable damage. Also the trails have been found to be hardly damaged by rock- or landslides.

Critics say, that with one week of fieldwork, the time frame for the report is way too short to deliver reliable results. Also, according to them, local trekking operators have not been effectively included in the creation of the report, despite their extensive knowledge about the region.

The government hopes, that this announcement will bring back tourists to Nepal. Tourism is one of the main

Skiing and Snowboarding in New Zealand


Guide to New Zealand Snow Sports

Skiing and snowboarding usually stir thoughts of Swiss mountains, but the amazing rocky, high-altitude landscapes of New Zealand make the country an ideal destination for hitting the slopes.

Running from June to October, New Zealand’s ski season sees mountains come alive with skiers and snowboarders heading to the hills. So once you’ve done your bungee jump and sky dive, head to the snow-capped peaks to try something different.

For beginners

Snowboarding down an active volcano may not sound like something for beginners, but Mount Ruapehu in Tongariro National park offers perfect slopes for skiers and snowboarders lacking in confidence.

Every beginner will be pointed to the ‘Happy Valley’ at Whakapap. Here, amateurs can practice their balance and improve their techniques down wide slopes.

Tekapo is another great spot for boarders and skiers who are trying to find their feet without getting in the way of the speedy regulars. This resort in the South Island is a lot quieter, which offers a stress-free introduction into this epic winter sport, allowing you to take your time and face

A Guide to Awesome Skiing in Japan


Carve Your Name in Asian Powder

When I’ve told people I’ve been skiing in Japan the usual reply is: “I didn’t even know you could do that there.” Neither did I at the end of 2014, but after a week spent sampling the slopes of the land of sushi this January I’d place it firmly at the top of my must-ski list.

I’d planned a trip to Tokyo to start my four-month tour of Asia and knew I wanted to see the weird and wonderful side of Japan, as well as the action and adventure. One search led to another and before I knew it I’d planned to ski at three different places in Japan: Nozawa Onsen, Mount Zao and Niseko. With the help of the message board community who I thank for inspiring my incredible Japan trip I’d narrowed it down to these three as the must-dos.

Which resort is best?

Of course if you’re going all the way to Japan to ski you want to go straight in for the kill and strap those snow boots on at the best resort

Enriched Educational Centre: Canada

Want to peruse a degree abroad? You must visit Canada then. Not only Canada is a very attractive place in respect to its natural beauty but also it provides great centres for higher education. Over the past few decades Canada has evolved as one of the most renowned educational hub as it has a great cultural exposure, abundance research opportunities and affordability which rigorously process to uphold the quality which is ultimately designed to broaden opportunities for the longer term. Canada is also measured high amongst the other OECD countries, because of its surprisingly low tuition fees and living costs than other supreme educational hub like UK or USA. Moreover Canada provides some added facilities to its immigrants like Safe Walk which make it most desirable place of higher education for students outside Canada.

Top 5 cities in Canada as Educational Centre

Canada homes some of the best universities in the world. Undoubtedly the craze for studying in Canada is rising at an alarming rate among students in recent years. Listed below are the top five cities that have the best universities and are student’s favourite. These

Group Bus Tour To Choose For Excellent Trip Experience

Group tour can make your traveling more enticing only if you know how to deal with it. You want to have your own itinerary with your group either small or huge, that is why carefully choose your accommodation like bus tour, it’s crucial. No joke the options for group bus tours are plenty. Too, when it comes to the cost, the services, the itineraries, and more. How many people that you bring with you? Where will you travel? How much budget that you set? How long will you stay on your destination? Traveling somewhere, it gives you not only excitement, but it can be so depressing as well.

What kind of bus to choose? Will it caters comfort for you and the gangs? Aside from which place that becomes your travel destination, and no matter how fun the place will be, when you wrongly choose the bus tours, it affects your incredible trip to-be. Do research to hinder yourself picking the wrong bus tour for your trips. Thanks for internet you can start looking around online for the option. Cut down your time, trusted reviews sites will assist to discover the right bus tour for your

What to pack for your dental hygiene

toiletry bag on the background

toiletry bag on the background

You’re going on vacation! Congratulations: you’ve earned it, and wherever you have chosen to go, you’ll hopefully love. Absolutely everything has been done in preparation for this exciting trip, and now all you have to do is finish up your packing – which is the worst bit. Packing properly for a journey can be exhausting because you often don’t know exactly what you are going to need, and even then sometimes you could buy that thing from the airport, or at your destination when you arrive there. You don’t want to overpack either so just stuffing absolutely everything that you can possibly think of is not really an option: you want to be able to carry your case, after all, and you may even want to leave a little room for some souvenirs or treats that you want to bring back with you.

Clothes you can buy there, accessories you can buy there – but when it comes to dental hygiene, you never quite know what the country that you

The Perfect Place for a Family Holiday

When my husband told me that he would like for us to take a family holiday, I was so excited. I knew that he meant a trip that would include not only us but my sister and her family as well as his sister and her family. There would be six adults and two older children, so we knew that we would need to find a Uvongo accommodation that would have at least four bedrooms. I also wanted one that would have four bathrooms if possible, because with three women and two girls in the same place, I knew that we would need at least that many.

I didn’t include the guys, but they understood that! They are more interested in making sure that the rental that we get for the week has other things, like a large kitchen and a TV room so they don’t miss any of their sports. When he asked me where I wanted to go, I told him right on the beach. I wanted to spend time with my favorite people in the most relaxing way possible. That meant sharing the same house and spending our free time on the beach.

We could have each had separate

Orlando is a wonderful city in the state of Florida

Always it is very famous for its theme parks, but the city has much more to offer. Of course it is easy to limit only your visits to amusement parks Universal and Disney. However, you are not out on many other interesting things, some of you really like this. In Orlando you will find love tree lined neighborhoods. The art scene is very rich and varied. Gardens and nature reserves are fantastic, like the museums offer great fodder for reflection. All this to encourage you to slow down and enjoy the city at a slower pace.

For a faster and a little adrenaline, are the theme parks. The Walt Disney World Resort has enough attractive appeal to all age groups. The Universal Resort is the place where you want to experience some of the best moments of your favorite movies. Those who love nature or, more specifically, water park SeaWorld can go. To a child again, a journey through the LEGOLAND.

There are other Miami to Key West  activities that can be tested in Orlando. Shopping is one of them. In fact, there are plenty of stores needs to cater to obsessive shopping even the

Working in Belgium and feeling so lonely? Never mind!

Everyone needs to work to earn money. We cannot avoid this kind of fact that we will need to work hard to earn money in our living. We know that money is very important in our living and there are many kinds of way that we can do in order to earn money in our living, including for getting the money from working. By getting a job and we do our job well daily, we can earn money for our living. When you get the money from your salary, you can use it to support your daily living.

Sometimes, we have to work far away from our family. Sometimes, we have to move to another country also for working. For example, you work in Belgium while your family live in the United States. You will feel so lonely. When you feel so lonely, you can contact Antwerpen escorts agency to help you to get the best lady to accompany you. They will be able to offer you with the best lady that can cure your loneliness. Besides, you can also ask the lady to be with you no matter where and when you want.

Feeling so lonely and feeling so far

Lets find out the Best Hotel for Honeymoon in Bali

We do believe that everyone wants to get married. Getting married is one of the purpose that everyone wants to achieve in their life. By having the marriage, we expect that we will have the happy life with someone that we really love. Besides, we also will have the happy family and the children in our life. Life will be so meaningful when we have our family and those people who can love us and always be with us. Do you think that you can get the happiness in a marriage?

Well, if we think that we can get the happiness in marriage, we need to prepare anything for getting married. One of the things that you cannot forget is honeymoon. You can prepare all of the things, including for the 3 stars hotel in bali for your next honeymoon with your spouse after you have got married. When will you get married? Are you in a marriage planning nowadays? Then, you also need to prepare for the honeymoon preparation also.

Here are some tips that you need to know for the preparation of the honeymoon. First, we need to prepare where our destination is. In this case, let’s say that

Traveling Through the Deep South

I have been traveling all through the Deep South for the past two weeks. I started out at home in North Carolina and took Interstate 85 to Charlotte, then to the Spartanburg Greenville area and onto Atlanta. I did great on time until I hit Atlanta, but obviously there is always a lot of traffic in the metro area. Some way or another I ended up briefly going the wrong way and that cost me about an hour. I drove as long as I could and then I had to search for hotels in Cullman Alabama area. I found a pretty decent one for a reasonable price, but it did not matter that much to me. I got inside and slept without even really taking my clothes off. Continue reading

What Is Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

Extreme hot air ballooning is much like its recreational counterpart, although it’s a bit of a longer, higher, faster or lengthier journey. Another difference is that on some long distance or high altitude flights a capsule might hang below the balloon instead of a basket or gondola. Extreme hot air ballooning usually involves flying at an extremely high altitude, over an extreme length, or for an extremely long period of time… so it’s definitely not your usual 90 minute leisure flight with a champagne breakfast afterwards.

World Record Extreme Hot Air Ballooning

One of the people to make extreme hot air ballooning famous is businessman Richard Branson. Together with co-pilot Per Lindstrand they flew in the largest balloon ever made called the Virgin Atlantic Flyer. The aim was to fly from the United States to Scotland, and required the balloon to head into the jet stream where the winds are something like 200 miles per hour, not the normal max for a balloon of 70 mph. While they made the bulk of the journey, they both ended up making emergency jumps into the Irish Sea. In 1991, Richard Branson was successful in being the first to cross the

Mysterious Land of Bhutan Guide for Adventure Travelers

No matter whether it is your first ever adventure travel in life or your first ever step outside Europe, or your first ever trip to Asia – Bhutan has every reason to be on the top of your list. Is that just for its beauty? Not really. This land-locked, mountainous region has a harmonious blend of serenity and adventure to offer you with.  The adventure really starts as you land in the country, as this South-Asian Himalayan region has only one international airport that is surrounded by mountains, and there are only 8-10 pilots in the world who are authorized to make landing there. Whether you are looking for trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking and rafting or just a hot air balloon ride – Bhutan has it all! Here is our Bhutan guide for adventure travelers if you are in search of a new destination to sooth your lust for adrenaline.

Mountain Biking

The entire country of Bhutan lies at the feet of the Himalayas, and the roads go up the mountains in all ways – mountain biking cannot get more fun in anywhere than this place. You can bike on the smooth and paved

Teenage Australian Climber Sets out to Conquer the Everest

Alyssa Azar, the 18 year old Australian climber is preparing to try climbing Mt Everest for the third time, with a goal to become the youngest ever Australian to reach the summit and conquer the Everest.

In her first attempt, Azar escaped an avalanche that killed 16 sherpas in April 2014. She took her second attempt exactly one year later; when again a disaster struck as Nepal’s terrible earthquakes caused a series of avalanches on the mountain, killing 18 climbers. Both of the times, Azar was preparing for the climb at base camp.

Azar said to ABC News about her ascent during Nepal’s earthquake, “I didn’t really know what it was at first and then I heard this noise outside my tent and so I unzipped the back of my tent and that’s when I saw the avalanches coming through base camp. The first thing you want to do is create an air pocket, which is something that we’d learnt on previous courses to try and give yourself time to get out and also be able to breathe. So that’s pretty much what I did immediately, is just jump to the front of my tent and

Extreme Sports World Records

The Guinness World Records certificate has been a symbol of prestige since its genesis in 1955. For 51 years, people have tried to be the best at the weirdest activities or features, such as being the most tattooed person alive, being the tallest person alive and being the fastest person who can run 100 meters on all fours. However, the record attempts of extreme sports enthusiasts require more experience and courage compared to the others.  Here are some of the world records broken by extreme sports enthusiasts and adventure travelers:

Fastest Motorcycle Handlebar Wheelie

Irish Enda Wright managed to reach the speed of 173.81 km/h (108mph) during a wheelie on the handlebars of a motorcycle in York, England, on July 11, 2006. It proves that he can utilize his motorcycle as a taxi since he doesn’t need the seat while trying the limits of his vehicle.

Highest Bungee Jump

Adrenaline is an addiction for some people. Therefore, such a scary activity as bungee jumping is like making an omelet for extreme sports enthusiasts like Curtis Rivers. The British man performed a bungee jump from a hot air balloon at 4,632 meters (15,200 ft) over

Future looks bright for U S action athletes at Winter Olympics

SOCHI, Russia — What will be the secret to future Olympic success for the extreme-sports crowd?

That’s easy. Just keep adding new events and the medal count for U.S. snowboarders and freestyle skiers will probably stay at a high level.

Setbacks in Sochi were offset by the new kids on the slopestyle rail and freeski halfpipe. There were opportunities for eight more gold medals that were not there in Vancouver in 2010.

FRAMEWORK: Best images from Sochi

And the United States took terrific advantage of the expanded program. It won five of a possible eight gold medals available in new extreme sports. Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson won in the men’s and women’s snowboard slopestyle events; David Wise and Maddie Bowman in the men’s and women’s ski halfpipe; and Joss Christensen in the men’s ski slopestyle.

American-born athletes accounted for six of the eight gold medals in the new events. Vic Wild, who grew up in White Salmon, Wash., but competed for Russia after he married a Russian snowboarder in 2011, won gold medals in snowboard parallel giant slalom and then in snowboard parallel slalom, a new event this year.

Overall, the

Sarah Burke freeskier in critical condition extreme sports too risky

Sarah Burke, the Canadian freeskier who crashed during training on the halfpipe in Park City, Utah, is reportedly in a coma.

Burke is “intubated and sedated,” according to a University of Utah Health Care physician interviewed by ESPN. Her prognosis is still unknown, but Burke’s condition is putting the spotlight on serious injuries in the world of extreme sports.

Snowboarder Kevin Pearce sustained a head injury at the same location while he was training for the 2010 Olympics.

Although extreme-sport injuries get considerable media attention, are extreme athletes truly at higher risk than more mainstream athletes? Are freeskiers more in jeopardy than downhill skiers or luge competitors? That’s tough to determine because injury statistics for extreme sports aren’t thoroughly tracked and studies on injuries are few and usually sport-specific.

Dr. Thomas Hackett, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at the Steadman Clinic in Vail, Colo., said he’s noticed that for some extreme winter sports, the challenges and tricks have gotten tougher: “The halfpipes are 22 feet tall now,” he said, “and a few years ago they were 18 feet tall, and before that, 16 feet. It’s part of the progression of the sport.

Sleeveless Szymon Godziek is ready for Rampage

After impressing on his Rampage debut, the Polish slopestyle star is ready for round two.

You’ve got to have balls of steel to ride the Red Bull Rampage course, but you need to be made of even sterner stuff to shred the cliffs of Utah in little more than a tank top and shorts.

That’s just what Szymon Godziek did on his first ever trip to the infamous freeride contest last season, but it seemed his confidence, and lack of sleeves, was justified as he delivered one of the smoothest runs of the year, including a beautiful backflip over the 73ft canyon gap.

And although things haven’t gone quite as well for Szymon in 2015, he is more than ready to tackle the sport’s gnarliest event this Friday.

“Last year Rampage was amazing,” he said. “I can’t wait to be back in the desert! Evening riding sessions make the vibes amazing. Also, Utah has the best dirt to ride on.

“It became my favourite event of the year. Being there for ten days and building your own line, then shredding that in the comp, it feels amazing and makes for such a unique

Caving Abseiling and Black Water Rafting in New Zealand

Caving Abseiling and Black Water Rafting in New Zealand

Yet another adrenaline-fuelled activity for crazy backpackers in NZ

That was my guide Nix speaking. I was attempting to do as instructed and abseil down a tight one-foot by ten-foot gap going underground in Waitomo, New Zealand. The harness was pulling tight around my thighs and my left hand was burning from gripping the rope too hard and letting it shave a millimetre off my palm as I went. With my right hand I gripped the calibrator, more out of a desperation to hold onto something still and sturdy rather than any actual safety aspect.I was on a Kiwi Experience Tour from Auckland to Taupo over six days. Obviously I wanted to make the most of the short week and do as much as possible. The Black Abyss Tour with the Black Rafting company was all part of the plan, but I hadn’t quite processed exactly what it would involve before I signed up.

It all started at Black Rafting HQ – we were staying just five minutes up the road at the Kiwi Paka Hostel. Our awesome guide Nix came to get us and we were fitted

Extreme Sports Gap Year in New Zealand

Head to New Zealand and Inject a Dose of Adrenaline into Your Travels

That rush, at the bottom of your stomach, the one you only get when you do something that defies your instincts, is pretty addictive. Anyone who enjoys skiing, climbing, kayaking and similar pursuits can tell you that.

It’s the thing that keeps you going back to the kind of environments that make you feel small and vulnerable: the snow-covered mountains, the deep oceans, the labyrinthine underground cave systems; the high cliffs we ascend to hurl ourselves off in the eternal pursuit of flight.

The ultimate leaps of faith

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably someone who knows that feeling and loves it, perhaps even craves it. Now, of all the places in the world for these sorts of activities, there’s one that trumps them all – New Zealand.

Birthplace of one A.J. Hackett, the man who made bungee jumping famous by hurling himself off the Eiffel Tower back in 1987, and also the person who has taken bungee jumping from an obscure tribal rite of passage in Vanuatu to a worldwide phenomenon.

New Zealand is home to the

Five Absolutely Insane Adrenaline Activities

A Whole Host of Hair Raising Activities From All Over the World

Ticking off an adrenaline adventure on your gap year appears to be just as necessary as accommodation and trying the local cuisine. The wild activites featured in this article will make your trip more memorable, increase bragging rights, and justify the cost of that travel insurance.

The Bloukrans Bungy in South Africa

Our number one white-knuckle thrill is the world’s highest bungee jump: the Bloukrans Bungy, in South Africa.  Jump off the third-highest bridge ever built, which is a massive 216 metres above the ground. That’s more than one-and-a-half times the height of the London Eye!

Secured in a harness on the end of a long, elastic cord, you’ll freefall head-first, reaching a speed of up to 120 miles per hour, before bouncing up and down before being winched back up. That is what we like to call a thrill ride!

You’ll find the bridge just outside Tsitsikamma in southern South Africa, located on the most popular of South Africa’s backpacker trails, the Garden Route.  Now, isn’t that convenient?

Skydive over Lake Taupo in New Zealand

Jump from 12,000 ft, freefalling at 120mph